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➡️ You are in the RIGHT place. Now, let's get into exactly how Toy Creators Academy will give you the tools, contacts, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your toy journey to creating and monetizing your toy idea.

By the end of this program, you will have...

Creatively Developed A Truly Toyetic Concept

before investing too deeply refine your concept to answer the needs of your target market including toy companies and buyers.


A Talented Network Of Toy Industry Freelancers

who have the skills, relevant experience, and passion to help you bring your toy concept to the next level.


Fast Tracked Your Toy Development Process

by getting your hands on easy to use toy design and inventor pitch templates, strategies, and budget planners.


Control Over Your Prototyping Process

when you learn to plan, manage, and budget prototyping your concept for pitch meetings or factory communications.


Confidence When Choosing A Factory

by knowing how to approach factories and clearly communicate your needs. As a bonus, you'll gain access to a factory starter list.


The Tools To Sell Your Idea

own your toy pitch or toy marketing by learning outreach strategies, pitch processes, and low budget modern marketing techniques that sell.

Plain and Simple: Toy Creators Academy Will Improve Your Toy Development Process and It's Officially OPEN for Enrollment

(but it won't be for long...)





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7 Implementation Modules About Developing Toys and Games

showing you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to creatively and physically develop your toy ideas into marketable, pitch ready products.


10 Things You Should Include In Your Project Summary

(A $97 Value)

Before you start working with any freelancer or design studio, make sure you have a well written project summary of your idea. 

A high quality Project Summary
 clearly explains what your product is and how it's intended to be used. With this bonus, learn how to prepare a professional Project Summary and save yourself time and money in the process.


Material Clarity For The Toy & Game Industry

(A $97 Value)

The best way to reduce the cost of your toy is to understand how it's made. Learn to choose the ideal manufacturing process for your toy to increase design aesthetic without increasing your manufacturing costs.

Plus! You'll get a Material Reference PDF that will act as your cheat sheet through product development and inspire clever ways to add low-cost but high impact design details.

When you add it all up that's a total real-world value of $3,779.

This is your chance to join the program, are you in? The doors only open a few times a year, but right now you can join Toy Creators Academy today for just...





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I'm so glad you asked.

As a student of Toy Creators Academy, you will continue to have access to the materials you purchased, AND updates to the core 7 Modules for 1 year.

If life gets in the way and you have to take a little break? No problem! You can pick up where you left off at any time during that year.

PLUS! The Toy Creators Academy experience is 12 weeks long, and that time includes over a dozen opportunities for you to participate in group coaching meetings, live Q + A's, and valuable conversations inside the private Facebook Community. It doesn’t end with just the course materials; you have access to me through the Facebook Group for the entire 12 weeks!

The first module releases September 20th, so you still have some time to get ready for the course!

The Toy Support group coaching calls are held weekly on Thursdays, at alternating times (1pm ET and 6pm ET) to accommodate our global class of toy creators. The first group coaching call is scheduled for September 23rd at 6 pm ET, and the following group coaching call will occur the following Thursday at 1 pm ET and so on.

Group coaching calls are held via Zoom and are meeting style so you can see and interact with all participants plus The Toy Coach. These calls are recorded and uploaded to your members area so you can reference back to them throughout your 1-year membership to the course. You do not have to attend the meetings to have your questions answered. You will have access to submit your questions to The Toy Coach in advance so you can get an answer to your toy question even when you can’t attend a meeting Live!

Oh YES! I've had industrial designers from Master’s programs, and former toy design graduates take this course and they loved it. No matter your area of expertise there is always something new to learn.

Toy Creators Academy touches on so many varied topics within the toy industry, from creativity, to marketing, and business, that you'll very likely fill gaps in your knowledge that you didn't even know you had!

Toy Creators Academy is where toy design meets toy business and marketing.


In more ways than one. We REALLY dig into connecting with toy companies during the Inventor Module. You'll learn strategies and tools that will help you build a toy company contact, list even if you can't make it to a toy industry event.

PLUS! Graduates of TCA are invited to the Tinkerly Innovation Platform to pitch their concepts directly to major toy companies.

But we're not stopping there, as an additional course bonus, select Star Students of the program will get invited to the TCA Virtual Pitch Event to pitch their concepts to toy companies and sales distributors themselves. Don’t worry we’ll have plenty of time to practice that pitch!

100%. All you need to take this course is a passion for toys and an affinity for getting things done. The first Modules are excellent for helping you identify opportunities in the market for new product.

If you don’t have a toy idea ready to go, you definitely will have several ideas after diving into the first few lessons. As long as you really WANT to create a toy product, and you are willing to do the work to make it happen, this program will help you get there.

I know it can be hard to make a big investment in yourself. Especially when you aren't sure where it will lead. But I can tell you one thing, if you're serious about selling your toy ideas; furthering your education and network should be your TOP priority. The magic happens when you create opportunity, and this my friend, is a big one.

With Toy Creators Academy, you're not just buying a course, you are growing your knowledge, securing support, joining a like-minded community, and gifting yourself a system to follow to get things done.

Yes there is. Once you join, you'll be invited to test things out for 14 days and work through the first 2 modules before making a final decision to stay on.

This means you'll have the chance to dive into strategic market research, identify an opportunity, and use my tools and techniques to creatively develop your toy or game idea BEFORE making a final commitment to the remainder of the program.

To obtain your refund you will need to email before the end of the 14th day after Module 1 is released. You will then receive a refund for the amount you have paid minus a 3% transaction fee.

I do this to reduce barriers that would prevent you from gaining the benefits that this course has to offer.





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This is your last chance to join Toy Creators Academy. So what's it gonna be?

If your answer is "I cannot wait!" then get yourself signed up and let's get your toy journey started!





To pay, you will be redirected to the Toy Creators Academy course membership site, at